The John Lennon Mandala
THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON: There are many things to learn from examining the life of John Lennon from a spiritual perspective. His was a life well-lived...and he certainly lived life to the fullest throughout the short forty years he spent on the planet. John Lennon was a man who exhibited many spiritual strengths along with his many human weaknesses. His music, art and philosophy continue to touch millions of people around the world...and his message will echo through generations to come. He traveled the road that all of us must walk...the road of human experience with all its joys, sorrows, pleasures and pains. John’s life was played out for the whole world to see, and he left us a rich tapestry of personal experience to draw from as we carry on with the unique ebb and flow of our lives.
Essays inspired by John Lennon's Songs
Music, music, music!
Essays Inspired by John Lennon's Words
There Is
No Death
God Is
A Concept